In the store you will find cool gifts for everyone. Below are some gift ideas that are sure to appeal to anyone who loves their hair and appreciates high quality hair care products.

ORIBE Gold Lust Collection
Feel the world of luxury. For women who are looking for a unique aesthetic experience and for whom elegance and style are important, we recommend choosing Oribe products. It is a luxurious and timeless brand of hair care cosmetics that combines the power of natural ingredients, modern technology and a unique fragrance formula specially developed for Oribe. The Gold Lust collection was developed for damaged hair and hair exposed to harmful factors that need deep regeneration and renewal. The set includes shampoo, mask and smoothing oil. Give her beautiful hair and let her immerse herself in the world of luxury with all the edges.

Angel Volume no Kevin.Murphy
A set for thin and colored hair is the perfect gift "for her" for those with thin, volumeless, fine and flat hair. It is a complementary blend of care and styling cosmetics that includes Angel's best-selling shampoo and conditioner duo. and the iconic Antigravity Spray. The natural ingredients in the products, such as milk proteins, which restore damaged strands, will not burden the hair and provide it with excellent care. Shampoo and conditioner add volume, support regeneration of irritated scalp, moisturize and protect thin, dry and colored hair. Anti-gravity spray bounces hair from the roots, adds shine and volume to the hairstyle.

OLAPLEX - Wrap it up like a gift
Olaplex are products created for every woman. The Olaplex set includes Olaplex No. 3 regenerating treatment, No. shampoo. 4, conditioner no. 5. All products in this series contain a specially patented ingredient that penetrates the hair, restoring it from the inside and restoring its strength and vitality. This is a gift that guarantees beautiful, healthy and strong hair not only during the holidays! Create your favorite Olaplex kit with us, gift wrap it and give it to your loved one.

A woman with sensitive senses and an artistic soul can appreciate the Holiday Trio gift, which attracts attention not only with the fantastic cosmetic effect, but also with its interesting design and eye-pleasing, colorful - neon packaging and the beautiful smell of all products. This attractively and practically packaged set includes shampoo, conditioner and spray - cosmetics for hair that needs nourishment and fine smoothing. An attractive and effective gift.

Color WOW - Dream Coat

Hair surfaces like a mirror, the effect of smoothness and perfect hair shine - is it possible to achieve this at home? Yes! Cosmetics from the Dream Coat series, used by the hairdressers of Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, mainly give the hair a beautiful shine and create a modern sheet effect. After using these products, the hair is silky smooth and incredibly shiny. They form an invisible, waterproof coating around each hair fiber, which protects strands against moisture for a long time and limits their unwanted curling. They stop frizz even in high humidity and leave hair with a glassy shine. Best of all, they're so light it almost feels like there's nothing on them.

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Dream Coat – fantastisks līdzeklis ! Mati vairs nečokurojas un ir gludi pat mitrā laikā! Iesaku 👍🏻⭐️💫


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