Electrified hair is a common and troublesome problem, especially during periods of low humidity. Wearing a winter hat, especially one made of artificial materials such as acrylic, exacerbates this unwanted effect. Hair electrification can cause many inconveniences, but fortunately there are also effective methods, cosmetics and tools that will help minimize this problem. What can you do to prevent your hair from becoming electrified? Below I will describe tips on how to effectively deal with this common problem and what to use for static hair.
Why does hair become electrified?
Hair can become electrified for several reasons:
  • Friction: The main cause of frizzy hair is friction. In the case of hair, friction can occur between the hair and other surfaces such as clothes, towels, blankets, pillows or the aforementioned hat. During friction, electrons can transfer from one surface to another, electrifying the hair and causing it to rise.
  • Lack of humidity: Too dry air, especially in winter when there is central heating, can also contribute to static electricity in the hair. When the air is dry, hair can lose moisture more quickly, and dry hair is more susceptible to static electricity.
  • Chemical effects on the hair structure: Hair subjected to chemical treatments such as straightening, curling, coloring or permanent waves can become more sensitive to electrification. These treatments can damage the surface of the hair, making strands more prone to static electricity.
Ways to deal with electrified hair
There are several ways to reduce frizz.
  • By maintaining adequate air humidity
Hair often becomes electrified in conditions of low humidity, when staying in air-conditioned rooms or as a result of central heating. Therefore, it is important to maintain proper humidity both in the rooms you stay in and on your hair. A humidifier at home can help maintain the right level of humidity, which will benefit not only frizz-free hair, but also the condition of our skin and the entire environment, including animals and houseplants.
  • Washing your hair gently will help fight static electricity
To wash your hair, use mild shampoos and conditioners that don't dry out your hair, such as sulfate-free products. It is also worth limiting the frequency of hair washing, so as not to remove natural oils from their surface, which protect them from electrification and dryness.
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  •  Using conditioners and moisturizing masks reduces static electricity in the hair.
Regular use of conditioners and moisturizing masks will help maintain adequate hair moisture levels. Ingredients such as glycerin, hyaluronic acid or coconut oil can significantly improve their condition, smooth the strands and make them more flexible and thus reduce the hair's tendency to electrify.
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  • Avoiding artificial fibers in clothes
Hair can easily become electrified due to friction with materials made of synthetic fibers, such as polyester, nylon or the aforementioned acrylic, which is often used in winter hats, scarves and sweaters. Choose clothes made from natural materials such as cotton or silk to minimize this effect. Instead of an acrylic hat, choose its wool counterpart.
  • A way to eliminate static electricity in the hair - using wooden brushes and combs
Brushes and combs with metal and plastic teeth can increase static electricity in the hair. Choose tools with wooden teeth or brushes with natural bristles to reduce friction and static electricity.
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What helps with frizzy hair?
There are many hair styling products available in the market that help prevent frizz. You can use a smoothing serum, anti-static spray or special pomade to help smooth and tame unruly strands.
  • Anti-static hair serum - a proven way to prevent static electricity
The cosmetics market offers special antistatic products in the form of serums or hair creams that help reduce static electricity. Apply to dry hair to smooth and reduce static. Try Eleven Australia Frizz Control Shaping Cream - a lightweight hair styling cream that prevents frizz and gives it a natural shine. It is a professional product that effectively and instantly moisturizes, smoothes and nourishes the hair, reduces frizz and static electricity. The lanolin and glycerin contained in the cream help maintain moisture inside the hair, moisturize the strands and smooth their structure.

  • Antifrizz hairspray with antistatic effect
A hairspray with an antistatic formula can be an effective tool in the fight against static electricity in the hair. R+Co Foil Frizz + Static Control Spray - the antistatic hair styling spray is an extremely effective product rich in argan oil, vitamin E and thermopolymer, which retains moisture in the hair and additionally fulfills the function of thermal protection and protects the strands against. the harmful effect of high temperature.temperature. Spray it lightly on dry or damp hair for easy maintenance, moisturizing and nourishing hair and adding healthy shine.
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What can you do to prevent your hair from becoming electrified? Summary

Electrified hair is a problem that can be effectively reduced by using the right products and tools and taking care of proper hair care. Regular moisturizing, avoiding artificial materials and using specialized anti-static products are the main steps to prevent static electricity in your hair. Taking care of your health and proper care of your strands helps to keep them in good condition, which means their smoothness and shine.
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