Matu veidošanas kosmētika

Hair styling cosmetics

The hair styling cosmetics offered by the online store are an extraordinary choice. It includes shampoos, conditioners, serums, treatments, sprays and even scalp massage brushes. It is a choice that professional hairdressers and stylists have made for many years. In addition, this is a cosmetic for hairdressers, which, thanks to its quality and content of valuable nutrients, will allow you to combine the care, regeneration and restoration of strands with your favorite style. We carry brands like Olaplex Smoothing Shaping Cream, Kevin Murphy Regenerating Mist, and Alterna Smoothing Thermal Protection Balm. And like the Eleven Australia treatment for blonde hair, a dry wax spray or heat-activated spray that highlights the curls. And that's just a small part of our collection! You can also find all sets of these preparations on our website. It is also an optimal idea for deep cleansing, moisturizing and daily protection of the hair bulb, hair ends and scalp. And at the same time, a comprehensive multi-step hair care offer. We also offer such accessories as an ebonite comb and a brush with boar bristles.

Cosmetics for professional hair styling, fixing pastes, lotions, regenerating masks

Choose cosmetics for professional hair styling from our selection if, on the one hand, you care about flexibility and shine. On the other hand, you don't want to give up your favorite hairstyles. Even those that require a lot of time. By replacing your current shampoo, conditioner or mask with the products offered by, we can ensure it! This is a cosmetic for hairdressers that guarantees shine, softness, silkiness and durability that you feel immediately after leaving the salon. From now on, this feeling will accompany you every day! Packed with vitamins and valuable nutrients, they are styling products for hairdressers that care for your hair, scalp and bulbs even as you use them to create your favorite style. Kevin Murphy fixing paste with matte finish, thermal protection foam or strong fixing varnish will take care of it! Like the Root Reflecting Lotion, Olaplex Styling Kit and Volumizing Mousse. Our choice is a long-lasting, elegant and healthy hairstyle. The way you want it.